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Friday, April 23, 2010

Too Sexy For TV

Can you spot the difference between these two women?

Allow me to clarify; the woman on the left is too sexy for a commercial airing during the 8PM prime time TV spot on ABC, the woman on the right is not.

My husband recently sent me a news report about how Lane Bryant’s new advertisement for its Cacique lingerie line was pulled from ABC’s prime time (8PM -9PM) time slot for being too sexy, while at the same time ABC left the self-groping Victoria’s Secret ads firmly in place. Both feature attractive young women in lingerie – so… what’s the difference?

My immediate response was quite different from my husbands; while Ted got angry and assumed they were saying that the LB model was “too fat” for prime time, I was wondering if the Victoria’s Secret models were offended by the idea that they were so "unsexy" they could be aired during cartoons and nobody would object.

Basically the unfair labeling of women bothers me on behalf of both my large and small sisters.

It’s just ridiculous. It’s sizeist. And it quite frankly pisses me off.

Not that I think we need ANY underwear commercials while people are trying to watch family oriented programming, but for craps sake – a skinny woman can touch herself on ABC at 8PM on a Tuesday night but a curvy woman admiring herself in a mirror is obscene?

Sometimes I want to go live in the woods and just quit this stupid society altogether.

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