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Monday, June 28, 2010

Water Less Boring

I drink a lot of water under normal circumstances but particularly this time of year when it’s so HOT outside. Usually I average between eight to ten, eight ounce glasses per day.

Water is in all ways good and good for me, but after my sixth or seventh glass a day it gets a little boring. So here are some recipes for sprucing up your water bottle at work or at home to keep your taste buds engaged that do not involve ingesting a lot of artificial sweeteners.

The faux-mojito: Add ice cubes, ¼ a lime and a few leaves of fresh crushed mint to a bottle filled with fresh water – close up lid, shake thoroughly and enjoy.

The citrus refresher: Add a wedge of your favorite citrus; lemon, lime, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, etc. with ice and water, shake thoroughly and enjoy. Mix and match them to suit you or to change up the flavor. Always leave the skin on your wedge as the oils in the skin are where a lot of the flavor is.

Berries galore: Add whatever berry suits you to water and ice, shake thoroughly and enjoy. My favorites are raspberry and blackberry. If you go with cherry or blueberry you’ll need to slice them open first to get at the juice.

Herbal tonic: Add crushed, fresh rosemary or basil to your water and ice, shake thoroughly and enjoy. Any pungent herb like thyme would also would also work well for this – those are just two that I particularly enjoy.

Quart sized bottles of seltzer are particularly cheap at around fifty cents a pop, so if you’d like to add a few bubbles to your mix that’s a good way of keeping yourself hydrated as well.

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