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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Rant

I have nothing constructive to say about health, exercise and nutrition today so instead I’m going to rant.  I blame this on PMS.  And the fact that I just succumbed to the desire for chocolate MnM’s, which subsequently gave me heartburn.

What do I want to see on Facebook?

Cute pictures of you,
Your kids,
Your friends,
Your pets.

Videos of you participating in a Glee themed flash  mob where you’re singing and dancing “Somebody to Love” by Queen at the top of your lungs in a shopping mall.

Jokes.  Random videos of drunk people or surfing dogs will do just fine.

Information about music you love, movies you love, poems about people you love, whatever you love.

Surveys that tell me what your high school mascot was and what kind of car you’d be if you were a car.

Clever things created by you, your friends, your kids, or that you just randomly found on the internet.

Information on great causes you support: like trying to help rebuild in Haiti or assist people in Japan.

Silly, clever, creative or informative status updates.

Blogs!  Do you write one?  Tell me and I will read it.

What do I not want to see on Facebook?

Vaguebooking.  Urban dictionary definition for the uninitiated:

Political crap or bitching about things or people that you hate.

Do you think you are changing the world by complaining on Facebook about whatever religious group / politician / public figure / political policy and/or party or sub group that you’ve decided to despise?  You are not.  If you are unhappy with the world and want to change it: shut off the computer, get off your ass and go do so.  Posting negativity all over Facebook does absolutely nothing to change anything except cause angst and strife between friends and PISS ME OFF.

Thank you.  Have a spectacular day.


  1. AMEN!!

    I liked more people before the creation of Facebook.
    Now that I'm privy to people's most intimate and immediate thoughts, I like my cat a lot more.

  2. Wish is not much more intelectually stimulating than some stuff on face book but definitly more cute and cuddley.