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Friday, April 20, 2012

APPEASE the Vacation Gods!

Are you going on vacation this summer, Dear Reader?  If so, I pass my sacred vacation quest along to you.

While journeying through parts warm and water laden, you must find and photograph the elusive coconut monkey.  The photograph must contain yourself and/or a friend or loved one upon whom the monkey has been placed.  Purchasing the monkey and bringing him home will earn you additional karma with the Wannahakkaloogie vacationing tikki gods – but upon arriving back at your home you may not pass on your coconut monkey to another person (especially not to me), or his blessings will go to the receiver instead of staying with you where they rightfully belong.

Should you feel compelled to send a digital copy of your sacred coconut monkey picture along to me, you shall receive fame and notoriety among the ten to twelve people who regularly read this blog as your victorious image is placed in pixels hereupon the interweb pages of the Long Road.

Recently, I vacationed to Myrtle Beach, NC – and in flagrant disobedience to posted signs stating that I should not take pictures inside the shop-of-many-things-you-do-not-need, I had myself photographed holding the elusive monkey.  See below.

Me: victorious
I got bonus points this year for also locating minions
Thusly I brought home my own vacation blessing for the summer – now, are you game?

History:  You’re probably thinking I’m crazy right about now, yeah?  Well, okay – yes I may be a bit crazy but I figured I’d explain where the summer Monkey Quest came from.  Years ago, I was going with my friend Lisa to Key West, FL for a weeklong holiday.  Prior to leaving, our friend Rich commanded us to, “Bring me a coconut monkey.”  At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about, so he amended his request to discovering exactly what the coconut monkey was, then bringing one home with us.  We did in fact figure it out, purchase said beast, and bring it back to Rich – who may or may not still have it in his possession to this day.

Since then, whenever a friend of mine tells me they are going on vacation, I in turn command them to bring me a photograph of the monkey.  I no longer ask for the monkey itself because quite frankly, they were starting to clutter up my house.

As you can see, I got my own picture for this vacation year – so I figured it would be somewhat funny to see if anyone else is actually willing to have themselves photographed with the world’s cheesiest carved coconut vacation trinket so that I can post the resulting images here on the blog.  Yes, this is what I do to entertain myself.  What?  I’m easily amused.

Go FORTH readers!  FIND the monkey!

Last year I had difficulty locating the Monkey and had to settle for the alternate: Coconut Pirate Head
2010 was a good year - Ted found an entire family unit of the Monkey



    If I end up going on vacay this year I'm totally looking for a coconut monkey. Their little eyes are so creepy...

    1. I can't wait to see if you succeed! Yeah they're almost as creepy as the cymbal wielding primates. Almost, but not quite...