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Friday, November 9, 2012

Hollywood Heavyweight

It’s actually kind of difficult to find a photo of Jennifer Lawrence’s figure that isn’t:

A)    Hyper-sexualized or
B)     Photo-shopped (because it’s a magazine cover) or
C)    A paparazzi photo (pics taken by paps while they’re hiding in shrubbery shouldn’t be distributed, it encourages them)

However I finally managed to locate a good one of her on the red carpet at the 2011 Oscars.  Undoctored.

The reason I’m putting Jennifer’s body on my blog is because I just read an article where she confessed that in Hollywood she is considered “obese”.  Granted, this is Hollywierd-obese, not real-life-normal-person-obese.  They two are very different things.

If you don’t know who she is, this is the actress who just catapulted to stardom playing Katniss in the film version of The Hunger Games (and yes, the book was better).  In her interview she doesn’t precisely use the term “role model” but she states that she doesn’t ever want to hear that a young girl tried to emulate her by starving themselves.  While training for her film role she wanted to look healthy and strong, and said that she will never attempt starvation dieting for her work.  Katniss looking healthy is actually a departure from the book, the character is supposed to be malnourished, but I support this alteration from the text if it means the actor not harming themselves ala Christian Bale in The Machinist for the sake of “art”.  I say kudos to Jennifer – she has good goals and I hope the pressure of her insane job doesn’t manage to break her of them.

My opinion on what Hollywood thinks obese looks like can be summed up pretty simply by saying: these people are out of their gorram minds.  I just wanted to give you guys a look at what fat is shaping up to be these days among up and coming young stars in tinsel town.

Have we really come a long way, baby?

I realize this is stating the obvious, but WOW she is beautiful!


  1. That's totally ridiculous (obvi). I would looove to have her "obese" figure. LOL. Nice Firefly reference btw. XD

  2. Also I just noticed your new profile pic with the dark hair!!! You look gorgeous!!