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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Status Report: 2.6 lbs. lost, 51 lbs. total

At my group meeting this week my leader asked us for examples of non-scale based successes.  Meaning she wanted to know what we were feeling accomplished about that had nothing to do with the number of pounds we had lost.

Examples included getting to leave daily medications behind as health has improved, notable increases in stamina and new clothing.

I looked down at my lap, realizing I was sitting with my legs casually crossed the way any average person might.  I raised my hand, and pointed this out, “I’m sitting with my legs crossed.”

Among a class full of weight losers they understood exactly what I meant, and a murmur of appreciation and agreement rippled through the room.

It’s the little things that tear your heart apart on a daily basis when you are fat.  It’s the tiny, everyday realities that separate you out from other people over and over again, things that average sized people don’t even notice they are doing.  Things like not being able to ride the roller coaster, or shop in 90% of the stores in the local mall or get your seat belt to close in a car.  Things like being so fat that you can’t sit with one leg crossed over the other.

I broke into the 230’s today, and over the 50 lbs. lost mark.  I am almost halfway home.

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