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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Status Report: 1.8 lbs. lost, 59 lbs. total

For those playing the home game, I haven’t given a status update for a few weeks because I’ve been on what is usually referred to as a “plateau” – meaning that although one is still working at it, no additional weight has been coming off.

Moment of honesty: have I been working as hard as I should be?  No.  But I haven’t been horrendously off-plan either.  My highest day in the past two or three weeks has been around 1,900 calories and my workout schedule has been right on track.  So, as usual, at no point did I consume the number of calories (2,300) needed to maintain my current body weight – but I’ve been successfully maintaining it anyway.

This week I finally had a small drop, which is a relief.  It’s really difficult to sustain this level of discipline and obsession without getting a little reward in return – and no matter how many times we tell ourselves that, “the scale doesn’t matter that much!” it’s still the reward every weight loser is looking for.

In unrelated news, my new bathing suit for this summer has arrived!

And that is SO not me in the picture!

No, you do not need to adjust your screen.  Yes, it’s a bikini.  Since this type of suit is designed for a plus sized woman to wear it’s sometimes referred to as a “fatkini”.  I know that some are offended by the name, but it’s mostly used by the people in the fat acceptance movement who are trying to de-stigmatize the word “fat” as a descriptor.  The goal being that “fat” becomes no more fraught with implied slovenliness and moral character failings than the words “blonde” or “tall” are.  I don’t think they are going to succeed, but I appreciate where they’re coming from, and the name doesn’t really bother me.

Regardless of the name, it’s really cute and made from quality fabric (none of that awful, shiny, cheap, nylon fat-girl swimsuit fabric that catches on your fingers if your skin is dry).  Most importantly, to my relief, it fits!  Ordering was a bit hairy since according to the size chart at Forever 21 I’m currently wearing a 1X on top (same size as the model pictured) and a 3X on the bottom, and you can’t order two different sized halves.  I admit the bottom half on me is a bit of a squeeze, but I’m hoping in a few months when I actually wear it in public I’ll be carrying slightly less junk in my trunk.

Someone asked me recently what prompted me to order a bikini.  It’s not just enthusiasm on account of my weight loss.  For years I’ve complained about being dissed and ostracized by clothing designers who I feel don’t want their pretty things on my fat body.  So since a designer and distributor is willing to carry a bikini in my size and made for my body type, then they’re getting my business (and might I add that at around $30 this suit was quite a steal).  The only votes that count here are dollar signs.  Plus, they get a shout-out on my blog: you go Forever 21!

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