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Sunday, June 8, 2014

BUNNY - A Walking Game

Note: Bunny is best played if you live in an at least semi-rural area with an adequate population of wild leporidae.

This game can be played with between two and four players, with two being the ideal number (depending on the frequency of your hares).

To play Bunny, simply take a long walk around your neighborhood.  The player who first spots a bunny while you are walking must point and say “BUNNY” in a clearly enunciated tone.  The other player must then look and verbally verify the presence of the bunny, admitting their failure in spotting it first and thus confirming a point for the player who first noticed it.

If you incorrectly identify another animal as a bunny (example: squirrels, cats, walking birds, small children) you are docked a point.

The player with the most bunny points upon arrival back at the starting place of your walk – wins!

Element of danger: If you live in an area with broken / uneven sidewalks, it is very very easy to face plant on the concrete while looking around for bunnies.  Please play at your own risk.

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