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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Am I the Answer?

Lately I’ve been… let’s say convicted of something. I don’t talk about my faith a lot on my blog, but it’s hopefully obvious to those who know me that I’m a believer. My personal favorite term for us is ‘Jesus Freaks,’ because that one always makes me chuckle.

What I’ve been convicted of is in regards to the phrase, “I’ll pray for you.” It’s an easy thing to say, it’s a good and right sentiment. We as people of faith should absolutely be praying for one another.

The question I’ve been asking myself though is this one: Am I the answer to that prayer? When I offer to pray for someone, am I looking down at the two hands in front of me and asking if those are the hands God wants to use in that situation?

It’s easy to offer to pray for somebody, it’s a bit harder to pick up a broom or a hand tool or a baking sheet and get the job done.

I know a lot of people who are getting the job done, some are people of faith and some are not. I personally know atheists who absolutely kick ass at being the answer to prayers to a God they don’t even believe in, and I stand in awe of their kindness and generosity.

I need to also say that if we’re asking ourselves that question, and the answer genuinely is no, then that’s okay too. There are certain situations like illnesses that are way out of our control (unless you happen to be an MD). Also, it’s rough out there for everybody. For a time I thought it was getting rougher but now I believe we simply notice it more as we get older, as we get weaker, as people we love keep leaving the world. If you ask yourself that question and you know your resources are already stretched way too thin – then that’s legit. Burning ourselves out is no help to anybody.

I just want it to be a question I always remember to ask.

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