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Monday, July 19, 2010


I went costume corset shopping with some friends over the weekend. Honestly, this is a great garment - especially for curvy girls. It clasps in your waist and pushes the curves at either end out to maximize that classic female shape to it's fullest and sexiest advantage.

Curvy girls ROCK corsets.

The two friends I took with me were cases in point, both gorgeous girls with real woman figures got laced in and both looked utterly spectacular.

As for me, I went the cheap-o route and ordered a few inexpensive ones online that I'll probably have to alter a bit. If they look decent when they arrive - I'll post pictures. I tried one on in the store, as per my usual reaching for a garment about two sizes too big. The good natured and adorable gothy girl at the counter gamely started to put me in it, but informed me there wasn't really any point doing up the laces since the thing swam on me - and that kind of defeats the purpose of the clothes.

While we were admiring; another girl came in with two friends. I'm a bad judge of weight, but I would have pegged her at maybe 110 lbs. tops - right on the borderline of "GET THAT GIRL A CHEESEBURGER - STAT!" in appearance. She breezed past us, commenting to her friends "Oh I can't wear those - I'm much too fat."

My first thought was of course to be offended - if she thinks she's fat I must be some foreign species of lardy space alien! In discussing it with one of my friend eyewitnesses though I asked her - what would girls like that look like if they looked the way they really wanted to? What would be thin enough?

She guesstimated that probably skin stretched over bone with no fat or muscle beneath was probably what they craved.


I may have body dysmorphia and think I'm bigger than I am, but holy cow. Even I have limits.

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