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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Customer Service Close Encounter

Dear Cafe Press,

Recently I logged in and uploaded a logo that I have designed for my production company in the hopes of placing it on a number of t-shirts I will need at an upcoming convention I am attending.

After finishing my shirt, I went to order it (the total was around $26.00) only to find out it does not come in my size (between 2XL and 3XL).

I searched for "plus sized" shirts and found one on your site - not as cute as the first one - but at my size I'm used to not getting precisely the clothing I want.

After completing the new design, I went to order only to find that the larger (and less cute) t-shirt was going to come to about $40.00 before shipping fees.

FORTY dollars for a plain white t-shirt?

I'm well used to the "fat fee" - the additional fee that clothing companies stick on plus sized clothing simply because it's socially acceptable to discriminate against us slovenly overweight folks. But I have to say, yours is the most exorbitant I have ever encountered outside of the disgusting bridal gown industry.

No - I will not be ordering my custom shirt (or anything else) from your company until you cease your size discriminatory practices.


Carolyn Mair-Basiura

P.S. The website www.tshirtmagic.com is selling the initial (and much cuter) custom t-shirt I first tried to order from you for $20.00 each - all sizes from small to 4XL, no fat fees. They got my business and will get my bulk order too when I order the rest of the convention shirts I need.


Dear Carolyn,
Thank you for contacting CafePress.com. Our plus size t-shirts do start at $33.00 compared to other shirts which do start as low as $22.00. As our brands and suppliers do vary, there can be a larger difference in price between styles of shirts. Also, the sizes available for each item vary by style. Many of our shirts are available up to a 2XL or 3XL, and a select few are also available in 4XL. The following items are available in plus sizes in addition to the "Plus Size" apparel:

• Ash Grey T-shirt (Men’s sizes up to 3XL)
• Black T-shirt (Men’s sizes up to 3XL)
• Baseball Jersey (Men’s sizes up to 2XL)
• Fitted T-shirt (Men’s sizes up to 2XL)
• Golf shirt (Men’s sizes up to 2XL)
• Green T-shirt (Men’s sizes up to 2XL)
• Hooded Sweatshirt (Men’s sizes up to 2XL)
• Sweatshirt (Men’s sizes up to 2XL)
• Long Sleeve shirt (Men’s sizes up to 3XL)
• Organic Cotton T-shirt (Men’s sizes up to 2XL)
• Ringer T-shirt (Men’s sizes up to 2XL)
• Value T-shirt (Men’s sizes up to 4XL)
• White T-shirt (Men’s sizes up to 4XL)
• Women’s Cap Sleeve T-Shirt (Women’s sizes up to 2XL)
• Women’s Pink T-shirt (Women’s sizes up to 2XL)
• Women’s White T-shirt (Women’s sizes up to 2XL)
• Women’s Tank (Women’s sizes up to 2XL)
• Yellow T-shirt (Men’s sizes up to 2XL)

If you are unable to determine if a particular item is available in a plus size you may view the complete Caf├ępress.com size chart using the link below:

I will be sure to pass your feedback along to the appropriate department. We do appreciate you taking the time to write us.
If there is anything else I can do for you please let me know.
We hope we have answered all of your questions. If not, please chat with us now. (Monday - Friday)

Best Regards,

Molly T.
CafePress.com Support Representative


On the upside, unlike Victoria’s Secret they seem to have actually read my email prior to responding. On the downside, their solution from what I can tell is for me to get a men’s t-shirt if I don’t want to pay the fat fees on their plus sized clothing. I know from experience that men’s t-shirts fall off of my woman sized shoulders and if I get one large enough to cover my huge butt, it usually hangs down to my thighs in length.

Not flattering.

They offer no explanations for why their plus sized clothing “starts at $33.00” as opposed to the smaller sizes which start at $22.00. Although I doubt this will have made any difference in the long run I hope I can encourage others to fight against these kind of ridiculous price jumps rather than just rolling over and accepting them.

If a size small is the same price as a size extra large, then there is NO reason for a size 2XL to be ten dollars more. None whatsoever.

It’s long past time this kind of discriminatory practice was deemed acceptable.

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  1. What might be happening is that as "brands and suppliers vary", cheap small shirts are coming from someplace like Indonesia and shirts sized for Westerners are coming from an expensive Western supplier.