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Monday, February 2, 2015

Bathing Suit Happiness!

Somebody out there was listening to me!  (Or, more likely, listening to the myriad women who are a significantly different size on top than they are on the bottom.)

Last year I got gutsy and ordered my first bikini since being single digits in age.  I ordered it from Forever 21, who have an awesome and adorable selection of plus sized two piece suits.

Problem was, when I measured myself I found that my top half needed a size M-L and my bottom half an XXL, so I had to split the difference and order the XL size in between.  This means the top of my beautiful new suit was slightly too big, and the bottom slightly too small.

This year, they have released a gorgeous new selection, all sold as separates!!!

Since I’ve lost a bit more weight since last season, my bottom half from last year now fits and all I have to do is order a new top in a neutral color to match.

I rarely find myself saying this to fashion designers, but: thank you thank you thank you for listening!!!

P.S. On a related note – does anybody need a cute bikini top in a size XL?  Only worn once!

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