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Monday, January 31, 2011

Under Where?

I don't usually pimp particular clothing stores nor like to talk about my unmentionables, but over the weekend I had a gift card I needed to use for the clothing store Avenue. I wasn't seeing much that thrilled me in the way of work pants (which I need right now) so I investigated their lingerie department.

Without getting into graphic details, things that are supposed to be lifted and supported are lifted and supported efficiently, and stuff stays put rather than traveling to inappropriate destinations. I recommend this.

You pay more when you buy your underthings in a store like that as opposed to grabbing the package of ten at Wal Mart, but in this case much like with shoes, I think it's one of those areas where you really shouldn't scrimp.

Also I finally picked up a pair of those Yoga pants that everyone seems to be wearing that look so comfy and seem to make everyone's backside look nice. Go figure, they make my backside look nice too. Sweet!

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