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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zombie Philosophy

Most who know me well know that I like Zombie movies, so it probably comes as a surprise to absolutely no one that I’m enjoying the AMC TV series “The Walking Dead”. It’s based off of a comic book series by Robert Kirkman which I haven’t read a single issue of.

When Ted first asked me to tape the series he had no intention of actually letting me watch it, he really didn’t think I’d like it because the comics are apparently incredibly brutal. I watched it with him anyway though. As it turns out its being re-written slightly for television, perhaps because you just can’t do some things on TV, even if it’s cable TV. Instead of being irritating to my husband who read the comics, he’s actually loving the changes, plus it means he too has no idea what’s going to happen next.

As I was recently told in school, zombies are really just a metaphor for a shared crisis that no one can escape from. It seems to be the writers who really get that it’s not about the zombies, it’s what people do in response to the zombies who make the whole thing really, really interesting.

Kirkman focuses on exactly that: what do you do when society breaks down? Do you man up? Loose it? Surrender yourself to your own wants because there’s nobody left to stop you? Or become a hero?

What would YOU do if the world was suddenly no longer governed at least loosely by all the rules you’ve always known and counted on?

Personally I hope I never have to find out, but it’s something to consider just the same.


  1. I really loved The Walking Dead. It surprised Josh too, because I'm not usually a scary movie/zombie fan (Shaun of the Dead excluded). It quickly became my new favorite show though. I started the Artist's Way again and spent my first artist's date designing my dream zombie-proof compound. Very fun. Should the zombie apocalypse ever happen, you would be welcome to take refuge on our farm.

  2. Thank you hun! I have no doubt that you guys have a very high "zombie survivability" factor, what with all your farming and hunting and such.