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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Love Men

This is ultimately a rejection of the disgusting things I found in the below article about the top ten craziest posts on a rather scary Feminazi blog called Feministing:


Read it if you want to be horrified. As for me, my response is a love letter to the men I’ve known in my life.


To my father who protected and cherished me so much that he taught me from the very beginning of life how extremely valuable I always was just for being me.

To my brother for sitting up late with a dorky sister six years younger and watching the Headbangers Ball, and who to this day comes to me for my opinion on things like what to name his band – because despite the fact that he can create beautiful, original music and I can’t, he’s convinced that I’m the smart and creative one.

To the boy who reached out to be my best friend when I was ten and the only girl in my entire school class. Who invited me to his house where we played space explorers, conquering knights and terrifying monsters, and much to my dismay never tried to kiss me.

To the beautiful teenager who I thought was so out of my nerdy league, who didn’t flinch while we were playing spin the bottle and he wound up with me, but instead gave me the sweetest of kisses and made me realize for the first time that I could be desirable.

To my first real date at seventeen years old, who wore a suit and smelled amazing and brought me to an expensive restaurant downtown. And even though we went off to separate colleges and didn’t see each other again I will always have that wonderful first date sitting warm in my memory because of him.

To my first real boyfriend and all the joy and sadness we had together.

To the ones that hurt me but in doing so made me grow and learn.

To the friends who give warm, loving hugs and words of encouragement at each turn because they want me to see myself the way they see me. Who ask me my opinions and genuinely listen to the response because my mind is different from theirs, and they desire to know and value it. Who come to my home and are made happy when I do something as simple as cook for them.

To the ones who can make me laugh so hard I snarf things out of my nose.

To the guys who open doors and offer a hand without even thinking about it. Yes, some of us still adore you for that.

To the beautiful, fierce male creatures that I will never know, but just can’t stop staring at (sometimes obsessively).

To the husband and best friend; the imaginative, playful and thrilling lover to my body and spirit who will live in my heart and soul long after our flesh has passed to dust. The loyal and fierce wolf who would fight any battle for me, at any cost. Who never rests. You astound me every day.

To the men who would take a bullet for me, who would go to war for me, because they believe I and every woman like me is worth that much.

I love you. All of you.

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  1. Thanks! Sometimes the menz need to hear that.