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Friday, October 11, 2013

Status Report: 5 lbs. lost, 33 lbs. total

On Wednesday I did something (again) that a couple years ago said I would not do any longer: that being pay someone to help me lose weight. I joined a certain very popular, mildly-successful and slightly-cult-like weight loss organization who, like the previous one I was using, will remain nameless on this blog.

I didn’t want to transition out of the last program and just freefall through space with no outside help. That seemed like a recipe for regaining the hard earned pounds I’ve recently lost. I need community, commiseration, support and the threat of a public weigh in each week motivating me forward. Also, my health insurance company is perfectly willing to help out with this one whereas the last program… not so much.

There are things about this organization I do really like – such as the way it encourages you to eat regular food in the real world like a normal person for long term sustainability and the focus on wholesome nutrition and plenty of activity.

There are also things about them I flat out disagree with – like their insistence that members drink milk (humans are the only animal that insists on eating the baby food of another animal past infancy, it’s fairly ridiculous) and perpetuating the myth that eating too little will make you gain weight. So it’s a trade off.

I’m still using the Daily Plate tracker as well, and when I stack the two plans up against one another for calorie content the Daily Plate recommends a 1,300 calorie per day regimen for me to lose two pounds per week and my new program recommends almost 2,000 calories per day. For now I’m sticking to my 1,300 – if I hit some kind of metabolic road block I’m thinking of trying the zig zag method, which is where you eat 1,300 one day then maybe 1,700 the next then back down to 1,300 etc. Supposedly this tricks your metabolism out of shutting down due to perceived starvation. We’ll see. So far I’m still so big that I haven’t had to worry about it, the pounds continue to come off.

As you can see above, I’ve lost another five pounds since my last weigh in at the clinic – so far I’m doing pretty well on my own. We’ll just call this most recent step my insurance policy against losing that forward momentum.

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