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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Status Report: Nix! Nada! Nothing! The big EGG

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. This week I lost a whopping zero pounds!

This is an excellent opportunity to illustrate the ways in which the simple “calories in vs. calories out” math regarding weight loss that smug people like to toss in your face to illustrate how easy this is supposed to be does not always work.

I will fully admit that I had two high days this week: Friday and Saturday. Friday I went overboard on a popcorn munching fit and hit 1,800 calories for the day. Saturday is the day I deliberately decided to have dinner out and not fret over calories, but I was unable to fully let go so I still avoided two different dessert trays and skipped a pasta side dish I really wanted to try. Being careful in these ways I managed to stick to 2,000 calories that day. Since my calorie goal is around 1,300 calories per day, I obviously had 500 and 700 calories too many on those days.

Allow me to reiterate that the calories necessary (according to Science!) to simply maintain my current body weight without adding or losing anything is currently 2,550 per day – so even on my absolute worst day last week, I was still running a calorie deficit of around 500. All the other five days I stayed within my goal and ran a nice, respectable calorie deficit of between 1,450 and 1,700 calories per day. This means that according to Science! I should have lost around 2.5 lbs. last week.

But instead I stayed exactly the same weight.

The temptation is there to freak out totally, to assume my weight loss is going to halt forever no matter what I do, but I’m staying calm. I know this happens, and I know that it is not a personal failure or character flaw on my part. I know that in many ways the Science! we’re talking about here is a total crock.

I am having my 11th wedding anniversary this weekend and I am going out to dinner and that dinner is going to involve gnocchi in a decadent cream sauce. For the rest of that day, and this coming week, I am going to plan, track, and workout very hard, and I will be okay.

I will resist the temptation to punish and berate myself and simply move forward.

In the good news department: my thirty pound reward has arrived!

Yes, that is in fact a purple Labyrinth t-shirt with David Bowie on it. BE JEALOUS.

I’m sparing you the picture of it with me inside because although it does go on my body I look a bit like a purple stuffed sausage while wearing it. Since it’s a 3XL we can safely assume that the company who made it are not fans of sizeable folk.  I’m guessing their 3XL equates to around a women’s size 16 or so. Although I could have ordered myself a men’s, the men sizes never fail to look like a frumpy dress on me so I figured I’d just shrink into the women’s one instead. This stands a good chance of morphing into my 50 lb. reward before I’m actually able to wear it in public.

In the amusing news department: all of my everyday clothing is starting to make me look like a little kid dressed up in an adult’s outfit. EVERYTHING is too big.

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