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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Farmer's Market Report

As we move forward into a gorgeous and temperate Pennsylvania Autumn season the local farmer's market has started bringing in their annual harvest of apple varieties.


I got honeycrisps today - the Sweet Tart of the apple kingdom. They're crisp, huge and tart with a sweet honey aftertaste. Very very good.

The best find for today though were the Asian pears; shaped like an apple, crisp like an apple, but with a juicy, extremely light sweet pear flavor and a papery brown skin. Wonderful and refreshing!

Today was 'green day' at the market so all the solar panel and other local environmentally friendly businesses were out and about. I'd absolutely love to get solar panels - but they are so expensive!

So... wonderful morning, gorgeous weather, a walk with my absolute best friend in the world (my husband) - and Asian pears!

A good day.

They kind of look like hugantic cherries.

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