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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fashion for Fluffies

This is another one that Teddi sent me…

Anyone who reads me regularly knows that I have a hate/hate relationship to the fashion industry.  It was cultivated over a lifetime of going through stores and saying: “Oooh!  I love that!  Oh… it doesn’t come in my size.”

The most painful one of these memories involves a royal metallic blue, sleeveless, full skirted prom gown that I fell in love with at the age of fifteen while dutifully escorting a skinny friend through a store called ‘4-6-8’.  As the name suggests, they only carried those three sizes, and at the time I believe I was a 14.  I wanted that punk rock, multi-layered, Cinderella gown so hard that I went home and drew pictures of myself in it.  It was the only way I’d ever see it on me.  Ally Sheedy actually wore a very similar one in the 1987 movie, ‘Maid to Order’.

So really, it’s not that I don’t like clothes, I just rarely like the ones that are available to me.  Were I a standard sized chick I have no doubt I’d be quite fashion forward.

Still, I’ve come to realize that giving up and living in sweatpants is just not an option, so I have been trying to improve my wardrobe at the same time as I improve my health.  Yes the ultimate goal is to be able to go into ANY store and shop successfully but I have to live in the body I have right now in the meantime.

Teddi sent me an article about the Swedish clothing company H&M releasing a line of fashion dresses for plus sized women called Inclusive.  Ironically, the Inclusive line is sold exclusively in Europe only, if you’re in the US you can’t even order them via website.  Here’s a pic… the yellow one is awful but I think the other three are retro-cute:

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I assume this is a test run to see how they sell, and in the future I would presume they’ll go on sale in the US as well.  After all we’re a pretty chubby country and there’s money to be made.

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