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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Farmer's Market / Garden Report

I hate inflation.  Part of the reason going to the Farmer's Market was cool was because it was so reasonably priced, I've noticed that this year it's just as expensive as the grocery store if not more so.  Now the main appeal is really fresh food and supporting my local growers, which are both still incentive enough to get me there, but I miss the deals.

It's late enough in the season that the fruits have started to show up, so today I got "Tango Mango Peaches" which look like so:

The flavor is awesome.  Light and sweet with a very slight tough of tartness and hints of mango.  The name is pretty spot on with it's description.  Plus they look fun - like little squashie doughnuts.

This is not diet friendly but I couldn't resist.  There's a baker that comes to the Market each week selling breads, cakes, home made cookies and such.  They make this stuff called "Olive Rosemary Bread".  I seriously wish I had smell-o-vision so your nose could enjoy the wonderfulness along with me.  It's crusty, it's olivey, it's chewy, it's soooooooo so good...

My own garden is having a bit of a weird summer.  The heat has killed my cilantro completely, I think I was able to harvest it once before this happened.  My dill is dying a slow and painful death right behind it, but I'm hoping to get one more handful to make cucumber dill soup with before I give up and pull it out.

The basil is flourishing.  Apparently it likes to fry.

The tomatoes are alive and just now starting to come in, here's the first one I've harvested:

They're red, and firm, but very small.  I don't know if that's the heat or just the breed I selected.  I'm inclined to think somethings not right though since the name of the breed is "Big Boys".

Lastly, something very, very strange is going on with my jalapenos.

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