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Friday, October 14, 2011

Soup, anyone?

Instant Ramen - it's cheap, fast and easy!  Seriously, I love Japan.

And I love Teddi for finding this.
Although as a nutritionally oriented blogger I can't officially sanction eating ramen noodles.  Unless you're in college.  Or desperate.  Oh to heck with it - here's a recipe...

Savory Cabbage Saute with Ramen:

1 package of ramen instant noodle soup
Cabbage of choice (I like curly, green and red)
Sweet Onion
Olive Oil

Mash your fist into the package of ramen until it's broken up very small (good tension releaser). Lightly coat a pan with olive oil (just rub a little on a paper towel over the surface) and saute the broken ramen pieces until they achieve a nutty smell and turn slightly brown, set aside.
Chop the cabbage and onion into bite sized bits and mince the garlic.
Saute the cabbage, onions and garlic in olive oil until they've all achieved a nice sweat, then salt and pepper to taste and toss the ramen bits over top for some nice crunch.

What shocks me most about this dish is how great it smells!


  1. "Soup for Sluts?" Really?

    I like beef flavored ramen with steamed broccoli and strips of leftover beef. I lightly cook some frozen broccoli and then add the noodles, flavoring, and boiling water, adding the beef near when it's ready (since it's already cooked).

  2. Bonus points for not using the 'seasoning packet'. The sodium contect will put you in your grave.

  3. That recipe sounds yummy, Charles!

    And yeah, the seasoning packet is basically grim death. Do not want!