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Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have to apologize to the author of this recipe – because I can’t find her.

A few times a week I’ll surf through health, food and exercise related links in search of inspiration.  This past Friday I blundered over this idea for a smoothie weird enough that I wanted to try out, and it was so tasty and so nutrition packed that I want to share it.

Unfortunately, by the time I realized how good it was I’d forgotten where the heck I’d found the video on how to make it – so I admit: this recipe is not my own!

If it looks familiar to anyone please let me know and I’ll happily give credit where it’s due.

Generally I’m not a smoothie person.  Fruit milkshakes don’t really thrill me, they go against my rule about drinking my calories and I’d rather just eat the fruit most of the time.  This one woke me up because the first ingredient is kale, which I know to be a nutritional powerhouse but which I usually wind up leeching a lot of the nutrition out of by boiling it for soup.  The smoothie itself is fresh tasting, tropical, refreshing, and has a kick – I strongly encourage you to try it!

Supergreen Smoothie

Add to blender:
Two thoroughly washed leaves of kale (just the frilly bits).
A generous handful of spinach.
About a cup and a half of frozen mango chunks.
About a cup and a half of frozen pineapple chunks.
The juice of one fresh lime.
A generous splashing of coconut water.
A pinch of cayenne pepper.


Mixing it in my blender isn’t easy, I think I need to get a more smoothie friendly one for the future if I’m going to keep doing this.  It’s really worth all the noise and blender jiggling though, because it’s SO GOOD!


  1. You don't have any idea what the nutritional content is on this, do you?

    1. Here you go!

      Serving Size: 20 oz
      Calories: 286
      Calories from Fat: 4.5
      Total Fat: 0.5g
      Saturated Fat: 0g
      Cholesterol: 0mg
      Sodium: 146mg
      Total Carbohydrate: 61g
      Dietary Fiber: 8g
      Sugars: 46g
      Protein: 3g

      The recipe makes a lot, and it's thick - so I usually break it into two servings. This is the info for the whole batch at once.