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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

As my husband pointed out to me last night, I've been doing a lousy job of blogging lately.  My attendance to my blog accurately reflects my attendance to my health: when one is neglected it's an indicator that the other is suffering as well.  It all started with Thanksgiving and has been going strong now through Christmas.

It's true, it's been a hard semester and difficult to fit in anything else between work and a homework avalanche - I don't mean that as an excuse, just a reason.

So, starting on Wednesday I'm attacking this with renewed dedication and determination.  I was up to five excercise sessions per week and I need to get back there fast.

As for today though - I would simply like to wish everyone a very Merry and blessed Christmas and a very Happy and healthy New Year!  Thank you for reading!

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