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Friday, February 1, 2013

Whatever Motivates

I’m planning my spring and summer.

I don’t really take vacations like some people.  My husband and I run a tight ship financially and places like Aruba aren’t in the deck for us right now.  Even for our Honeymoon we just went to my parent’s shore house in Jersey.  We’re not splurgers, we’re savers.

One thing I’ve recently realized I don’t want to live without though is concerts.  Music is my heart, my favorite thing after Ted, and being in a crowded concert hall with the light show going crazy and an amazing band stepping out onto the stage is my happy place in the world.

I can remember being a kid and going to see Motley Crue and Aerosmith for about twenty bucks each, but ticket prices have changed a lot these days.  When I saw Rush last October one seat was around $125.00 (granted, they were GREAT seats).  It’s not cheap, so I have to pick and choose wisely.

This year I’m going to revisit my first great band love: Bon Jovi, and see a new English love for the first time: Muse.

Concerts are fixed points, they come up on you like a wedding date and they’re a great motivating goal to keep in mind when I’m working through my health plan.

Example:   Yesterday in work I was faced with the following poor food choice temptations (and this is all just in ONE day) – soft pretzels, donuts, chocolate bars and ice cream birthday cake.  Seriously, I don’t know sometimes how anyone I work with stays on plan.

To all four of these things I had the following to say: “GO AWAY, I am going to see MUSE.  Thhhbbtt!”

I don’t know why, but it works.  It’s not as though Muse is going to see ME, my seats are in the 50th row back.  Maybe it’s enough to strive toward having the energy to jump up and down screaming for three hours straight without giving myself a strained back.

Whatever motivates you is whatever works.



  2. I know this isn't what you meant, but I often talk to the food I find tempting. "I'm not going to eat you" often works. It help me because I find that succumbing to temptation is a split second decision, and if I say something during the split second when I might make that decision, by the time I'm finished saying it, the urge to give in has passed. It doesn't work 100% of the time, but pretty close.

    1. I tried this today and it prevented me from chowing down on the MnM's I wanted for my afternoon snack.

      Then I forgot and munched a brownie after dinner.

      It did work though, when I wasn't willfully forgetting to do it!