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Monday, May 27, 2013

What Must Pass

As time passes, I think it's important to stop and take a moment to realize we each had a chance to be beautiful and young.  It is also important to pause in gratitude for this - even as we acknowledge that it must fade.

Maybe if it was permanent, it would not have been so very precious.

But oh, how I wish I'd been able to see it when it was there.


  1. I'm throwing down a yellow card on today's blog post. (Google it if you don't get it.)

    Carolyn, you are more beautiful today than when those photo's were taken.

    It frustrates and saddens me that the opinion of society weighs more than that of the person (and people) that love you.

    But then, that's the larger issue that we're all facing: What's more important, conforming to society's norms or being happy with who we are...the person we were created as.

    Don't strive for perfection in society's eye, strive for contentment in your own. The latter is certainly a more achievable goal than the other.

    And as a side note...every one of you that reads this, is BEAUTIFUL! Man or woman...young or old...thin or curvy. You truly are. : )
    And don't let ANYONE (including yourself) convince you otherwise!

  2. Hear hear Ted! I'm basically reading that what you're saying with your last line Carolyn, is that you wish you were us. Because we've always seen it.

    1. Thank you, Mike! I truly wasn't trying to diss myself though, I tried to explain it a little better in my comment below.

  3. I think I may have misspoke here... I truly didn't mean to disparage myself NOW. I appreciate how I look now and the living and learning that shows through my eyes.

    I was simply trying to appreciate (at least in retrospect) the gloriousness of youth. That state was not specific to me, but is a gift that all of us hold, however briefly. Since at the time it is all that we've ever known, we cannot fully appreciate it when we possess it.

    But, in this, we're all equals.

  4. Lovely photos! Beauty is such a weird concept to me, like... everyone has a different definition of it (except if you are an appreciator of Bill Kaulitz..ahem.) and it's all completely arbitrary, and I feel like we're sort of brainwashed into thinking only the young can be beautiful.. but that's ridiculous.

    I agree with you though, I don't think I have ever been able to feel/know beauty, no matter what I looked like or how old I was. On some level that is kind of sad, but on another level, I think that's shared by almost everyone (except Bill Kaulitz.) so it seems normal, even if unfortunate.