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Friday, January 10, 2014

Status Update: 1.8 lbs. lost, 48.8 lbs. total

My weekly weigh-ins and meetings fall on Wednesday, and for the previous two Wednesdays we’ve been having national holidays – so this was the first time I had weighed in since the one before Christmas.

Needless to say, I was sweating it. I hung in there until Christmas Eve and then I cracked like an egg, eating all the tasty holiday food and foregoing the daily workouts. This continued through New Year’s Eve until I managed to claw my way back into some semblance of a proper program last weekend.

Here I get on the scale two days ago and I’m somehow down almost two more pounds.

I can only attribute this to all the workouts, since I’ve been putting so much effort into muscle building all that metabolically active tissue must have burned through the extra calories and kept me from regaining every lost pound (which it felt like I was doing). Either that or it’s attributable to holiday magic of some sort. Could be either one.

I was also pleased to see that even after taking just over a week off of workouts, when I went to do it again I wasn’t a total hopeless case, I could still work to the level I had last been at. Apparently muscles don’t atrophy that fast.

All that being the case, this holiday was not completely like the ones that came before. At no time did I stuff and stuff myself with treats until I felt sick or in pain. Even though I indulged, I did it when I was actually hungry. I’ve got a naturally sizeable appetite so believe me, I can still put it away – but it wasn’t in the binging style of years previous.

Today I ransacked my closet, removing anything too big and some things that I’ve shrunk back into but just aren’t my style. And isn’t that a trip – I actually feel like I might have something resembling a style?

Or at the very least, I’m working on it.

This status report is brought to you by the creepy magical fairy snail.

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