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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Status Report: 2 lbs. lost, 74 lbs. total

I am now firmly ensconced in a period that I am referring to as: the long, slow slog.

At one point I was the rabbit, taking off an average of two to three pounds every week.  Now as I approach the 200 lb. body weight mark I’ve slowed waaaay down and become the tortoise, losing a fairly steady pound per week.  You may (or may not) notice that I’m only giving status reports every few weeks these days, since reporting in with that same one pound loss every week is kind of boring.

I’m aware that it’s a healthy rate of loss, but I honestly could be doing better.  I’ve been really struggling with maintaining my motivation and not sitting down every now and again with a bag of chips or too many slices of pizza.  These slip ups are happening once a week or so – which isn’t often enough to make me gain, but is often enough to cause the extremely slow rate of loss I’m seeing now.

Also, I’m not so sure it’s very good for me to average 1,300 to 1,500 calories most days and then jump up to 2,200 once a week or so.  Although there is some compelling evidence to support the idea that this zig zag method of calorie intake does trick the metabolism out of getting really sluggish due to perceived starvation conditions, I think the higher days should really involve something a bit healthier than pizza.

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