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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Years Resolution

My resolution for the New Year was not to loose weight; it would kind of be a moot point since I made the decision to change my life that way last September. It also wasn’t to go to the gym; I’ve been going regularly for almost three years now.

It was to stop discussing politics with people.

I don’t bring my politics into this blog since that isn’t what it’s about and I won’t do it now; but the simple truth is: the people who agree with me already know what I believe, and the people who do not agree with me have no desire whatsoever to hear my thoughts.

This doesn’t mean I am giving up, I will never give up on America for so long as it lasts – I love this country, I believe in it. And answering a question open-mindedly asked of me is not what I’m talking about. Nor am I giving up the hard won voting rights that my foremothers fought and suffered for on my behalf. I would never dishonor their memory that way.

I just find discussing it in certain formats to be pointless anymore; I’m tired of engaging in an activity that causes me nothing but grief and drives wedges between friends. Someone throws up an angry and incendiary opinion and I feel a need to respond. Why? I’m not going to change their opinion, I’m not going to soothe the anger they’ve forged inside themselves. People have to find their own peace.

I for one am tired of the atmosphere of division in this great country and the culture of ridiculing and viciously demeaning whatever you don’t happen to agree with. Sometimes I feel as though the concept of simple respect for fellow human beings is dead.

I have no way of stopping other people from doing this, the only thing I can control is my own behavior.

So on this small front anyway, and until they take my vote away from me – the pointless, divisive hatred is going to stop with me.

We are all Americans.

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