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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


A few people have noticed that I’ve been blog-absent for a couple of weeks (and thanks to those who did). I haven’t posted since school began; I’m taking a class on writing and editing for magazines at Arcadia and planning to apply to become a graduate student there.

It was exciting and scary at first; the scary has worn off and now it’s just exciting. It’s also a lot of work – but all good work that I love doing; even the reading. Well, especially the reading.

I also couldn’t help but notice two things in class; one – that I’m the oldest student and two – that I’m the heaviest. I know these things aren’t important and yet my brain still can’t help but pick them out and consider them despite the fact that no one has made me feel at all uncomfortable on either account.

At the first class during the getting to know you period; I admitted to them that I’m a blogger and my professor inquired as to what my blog was about. I said “health, cooking, nutrition, weight loss and life as a plus sized person.” In my mind I was imagining all these skinny kids looking at me and thinking; ‘seriously? A health blog? You’re the fattest person here…’

Of course I’m also sure that not a single one of them was doing any such thing – it was just my poor self esteem kicking up on me.

Three weeks in I’m pretty comfortable there and speaking up more every class. It’s also fascinating to learn about the future of magazine writing and where we’re probably headed. Print is far from dead, it’s just changing with the times and going digital – like everything else I suppose. It gives me a lot of hope for my future as a professional writer.

At any rate that’s where I’ve been and what I’m doing. No excuse to neglect my blog (or my eating plan) though I have been doing both.

Must clean dangerous foods from the house.

Also I started back at the gym again on Monday – I’m doing the elliptical again. Heck with it, my leg is still mucked up anyway I might as well use the equipment I like. Also seeing a chiropractor on the 9th.

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