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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Math

I have discovered the following equation to be true:

Homework + Stress + PMS = Dietary Disaster.

I already get hungry during a certain cyclical time of the month to begin with, pile on top of that a lot of home work and some home work related stress and you’ve got a real recipe for disaster. Yesterday I felt like I ate everything that wasn’t nailed down.

On his way home from work, Ted offered to pick me up a vegetarian burrito from our favorite Mexican take out place, and I told him to make sure they included the guacamole.

He helpfully reminded me that I’m not eating guacamole right now, and I nearly took his head off with my shoe.

Needless to say, I had my guacamole – and any number of things I shouldn’t have eaten yesterday but did.

It’s so extremely frustrating to blow it like that, it’s like I’m a prisoner who keeps voluntarily adding more time to my prison sentence. Sure, tack on another week locked in my fat body… it’s fine!

No it’s NOT fine. It sucks!


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  1. I know exactly how you feel! I binge too, but I've been really trying to control it lately, and I've noticed that it has become less and less dramatic.

    Just remember this isn't a race, you can't keep *everything* in perfect control all the time, and a single instance of splurging or even binging over a week of otherwise healthy eating isn't going to set you back a huge amount. And as Halina so wisely said, every hour is a fresh start.

    Try to focus on remembering how you feel *after* you eat that way whenever you have the urge. That has helped me. I am a HUGE emotional eater, and sometimes the only thing that stops me from eating a whole tub of ice cream is the thought that if I did eat that tub of ice cream, later I'll still be stressed about whatever it is, but I'll have the *added* stress of knowing I ate the whole thing.