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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I stopped weighing myself a few months ago, but I know the number is up. I can feel it in my joints, in the way my clothes fit, in the horrifyingly round face and figure looking back out at me from recent pictures, and in my general state of extreme self-dislike.

Am I just not able to do this? Am I like a drug addict who just can’t beat it?

I’m so tired of fighting, and the road feels so very long and hard, I just want to curl up somewhere quiet and dark and stay there.


  1. Remember that we love you now, the way you are!

  2. I second Charles' sentiment!
    But we both know, no matter how many people love you...you need to love yourself. True success isn't losing weight, it's looking in the mirror and being happy with who you see. Then you can begin to improve what you want.

  3. Yes, your friends love you!!! Very much!!!! We love you the way you are, but we also love you too much to let you give up on this without a fight.

    Change it up, try something new, I've had some success in the last few months, but I needed to do something different. I know you can do it.

    By the way, i was looking at the Halloween pictures and thought you were looking pretty good.