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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Social Experiment

I really want to try an experiment where I live my life as though I currently weighed about 150 lbs. (which is, by the way, my personal ideal weight).  What if I trotted blithely through life as though there was absolutely nothing the matter with me?  How would people react?

If, when asked, what diet program I was currently following I replied with, “why on earth would I be on a diet?”  Would they be shocked?  Horrified?  Inspired?

If I walked into the lunch room, grabbed a doughnut and bit into it how would the rest of the female population of my company react?  Out of kindness, they’d probably try to stop me – knowing that I, like the rest of them, consider the white flour and corn syrup additives to be something akin to consuming strychnine.  But what if I then laughed and said, “why shouldn’t I eat a doughnut?”  Would it totally mess with their heads?

I’m tempted to do it, and I would just as a sort of research project – except it’s kind of lying.  Okay, not kind of, it really IS lying.  I do follow a diet plan and am trying to loose significant amounts of weight.

However I would love to see how the world would react to a seriously heavy woman with no apparent concept that she wasn’t perfectly fine just the way she is.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated side note: Kirstie Alley was hot when she was skinnier and she’s STILL hot now.  So there.

Cookie-Bunny loves me.

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  1. Cookie-bunny loves you and we love you too!