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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Driving Me Crazy

Greetings All,

Being Carolyn is seriously tied up with her graduate class this semester and has had little time to write in her blog, I thought I’d step up and submit an entry.

This isn't about dieting, food, religion or politics. It’s about something that almost every single one of us does every day and can easily result in a life or death situation: driving.

Here in Pennsylvania we have two laws on the books, both which make perfect sense. The first, you must turn on your headlights if your windshield wipers are on. If the weather is bad enough to be using your wipers, then logically you should have your headlights on for better visibility for yourself and other drivers.

The second is, you must clean off the roof of your car after a snow fall. Again, this makes sense…especially if you've ever driven behind someone on the highway doing 60mph who hasn't cleaned off their roof. If it’s just snow, you driving behind a blizzard! But if the snow has hardened into ice, then you’re driving behind a potential guillotine or brick wall. Ice flying off of vehicles has been known to kill.

Even if these aren't laws in your state, consider adopting them as safe driving practices.

Finally, a reminder of a federal traffic law; one that is courteous as well as logical: turn signals. So many people just refuse to use them, not only making turns, but changing lanes as well.

I know most of the folks reading this blog are responsible, safe drivers and they don’t need these reminders. But don’t hesitate to get the word out to others. It’s a great topic of “water cooler” discussions in work and just small talk among people. Make an effort to educate folks…the life you save may be your own or someone you love.

Thanks for reading and be safe!

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  1. Turn Signals also let pedestrians know what you're doing so we don't step out in front of your car when you're making that illegal right turn while you're on the phone.