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Monday, November 19, 2012

Inspirational Person For Today

I know I've been a little absent about blogging lately, the end of the semester is kicking my tail a bit.  Additionally, my primary computer seems to have died, so I'm using a clunky spare.  That doesn't help.

However I don't want my site to go completely dead on me, and today I stumbled over this interview with Amber Riley (who plays Mercedes on Glee) and decided to feature her as an inspirational person of the day.

I do not always agree with Glee, I think they stereotype their characters way too much and this particular season I fear that the show has entirely jumped the shark.  However I'm still a fan, and I'm a fan of Amber as a woman who is living in a tough world.  I always liked that although they did discuss it, her role of Mercedes was never totally about her weight - it was also about her dreams, her fears, her romances, and all the other things that make a well developed character.

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