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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Status Report: 1.5 lbs. lost, 37.5 lbs. total

I was kind of expecting to stay the same this week due to my 11th Anniversary dinner involving gnocchi, cream sauce, bread dipped in olive oil and wine - not to mention it currently being my personal high tide.

So bonus!  I lost a pound and a half!

Perhaps this also means that the plateau I hit last week will be mercifully brief.  I am hopeful.  It also feels annoyingly like I've been this close to reaching forty pounds forever.

In other news: tomorrow is Halloween.  The game plan involves having bought a type of candy I don't like (candy corn) which I am leaving in a big bowl on my porch while Ted and I go take a long walk among the Trick or Treaters.  Sure, some punk might come and take the whole bowl, but I figure that's their parent's problem.

Three parties this weekend that I'm still planning strategies for.  Two of them are at friend's houses who are aware of my dietary needs and will most certainly have health-friendly foods.  The work related one will be the hardest.  I have no idea what I'm walking into there so it might be wise to simply eat before I go.

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