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Monday, December 14, 2009

A Status Report

I’m going to be emo – apologies in advance.

It’s really hard to keep this up when you’re feeling down; it’s hard to care about myself enough to put as much work into me as this requires when there’s so much else on my mind. However in the interest of the promises I’ve made not only to me but to everyone else; here’s the situation:

I haven’t tracked my daily calories for over a week, although I did start back today.
I did go to the gym twice last week, but only twice – the goal is actually three to four gym workouts per week with daily core exercises at home in between.
I’ve been snacking between meals, and eating desserts.

I don’t think I’ve done that much damage, I haven’t gained back the twenty some pounds I shed, but I’m definitely not where I was on the motivation scale.

I am better with the injury; pain is a good deal less and I’m beginning to be able to detect hot and cold in my foot again – but for those who don’t know I have fairly severe health anxiety issues, so the constant worry about what horrible, incurable, neurological thing must be wrong with me has really sapped my will to care about what I weigh.

So yeah – that’s the status report, not great news.

I still haven’t given up though, and thank you to everyone who has bugged me lately to get back to posting – I needed the encouragement right now.

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  1. This is just a temporary setback. Don't use your anxiety about your foot thing as a crutch to eat whatever you want. Ask yourself this after you eat a dessert or something high calorie: Did that *really* make me feel better? Was it *worth* it?

    I know you'll get back on the horse. This happens to everyone - especially around the holidays. But remember, one bad day (or even a bad week - or even two) is not The End of My Diet. Just acknowledge it happened, and start with a clean slate the next day. You *can*. And you *should*.

    Taking better care of yourself weight wise is bound to make whatever anxiety you have about your foot abate some.