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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meatless - Day 2

Dinner tonight was tilapia fillets - baked in a pouch with mixed vegetables (red peppers, asparagus, sweet onion and baby bella mushrooms), seasonings and some butter and served over a bed of rice. When doing a tilapia fillet I've found that 20 minutes at 350 degrees bakes it to a perfect, moist flakiness. We also had shrimp cocktail* as an appetizer.

Two days with no meat, and I'm still alive so far. I just seem to be consuming a lot of sea creatures instead.

I also managed to watch Ted eat yodels with milk for desert and haven't had any. Yay me!

P.S. *When making cocktail sauce I highly recommend "helluva good's" horseradish. It's blow-your-head-off strong.


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