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Friday, May 2, 2014

Status Report: 3 lbs. lost, 65 lbs. total

Those three pounds up there are actually two weeks’ worth of loss since I missed checking in last week.  Too much life stuff going on = very slooow writer’s brain!

A few things of interest to note though.

I got through Easter with no dessert!  I asked my family to please not purchase any chocolate for me or make any dessert with me in mind.  The end result was that my Mom made one small dessert and nobody got any chocolate!  That’s not what I was asking them to do, but I was so, so proud of them all for getting on-board with the healthier (albeit less flavorful) choice of still having a wonderful holiday without too much added sugar involved.  Granted, my Brother-in-law did accuse me of, “ruining Easter” but he was just joking.  I think.

Also regarding sugar, I had an interesting experience last weekend.  At one of those cute 50’s style burger joints I ordered and enjoyed a sensible egg white omelet.  These days eating out healthy is easier than it’s ever been on account of the American obsession with weight (I think that’s the only thing about the obsession I’m grateful for, but I’ll take it).

A friend of mine ordered something called a “chocolate grilled cheese” for dessert.  That amounted to two slices of pound cake with a Hershey’s bar melted between, smothered in chocolate syrup, whipped cream and strawberries.  I really, really wanted a bite – so I had a bite.

Now that I’m not constantly swamping my palate with sweetness every single day, I find that I’m more capable of determining what a really good, worthwhile dessert is.  That dessert tasted good (how could it not?) but it wasn’t worth the calories involved in eating the whole thing, or even half of it.  I swiped a few of the strawberries and found that I was done.  I’d had enough food – and I was okay.

I'm not saying my food addition is gone, that's not possible.  I'm just saying that me and the ugly monster might be learning to live together a little more peaceably.

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