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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Myth of Short Hair

I haven’t had a haircut short enough to show my ears and neck since I was about twelve years old.  This is because I fully bought into the myth that if I had a big body and little hair, I would look like I had a pinhead.

Truth is, I like short hair and always have.  I like the breeze against my neck, I like to show off my piercings, I like how quickly it dries, I like how easy it is to style and how little bleach and dye is needed to color it.  Long hair is beautiful, but when mine was long it took a lot of time, work and skill that I just don’t possess to make it look nice, so over the years my length has been creeping shorter, and shorter, and shorter still.

Yesterday I got it all cut off.


It feels like a great way to celebrate being almost 70 pounds down.  Even though I no longer believe it’s true that big body MUST equal big hair, it still feels like a great way to celebrate a single chin and a slimmer throat.  I love running my fingers through it and feeling mostly lightness and air.  I even love what this cut is called: a “pixie”.  When you search for images of pixie cuts you’ll see 95% of them on heads attached to very slim bodies, and I don’t even care.  When my stepson saw me yesterday and made a noise that could best be described as, "urrrgh," in response, I don't even care.  It's my head, and the only person that needs to be pleased with the way it looks is me.  It’s mine now.

I love this.


  1. I absolutely love it!!!

    1. Thanks Sherry! I love it too, and mad props to Kristin at Ulta for doing an amazing job!