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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fat Fee Revisited

Recently I designed a corporate logo for the gaming production company I share with my friend. It came out pretty nifty – observe:
My next step was to design a nifty t-shirt to put it on, for which I went to Café Press. I chose a white with black cap sleeves that I thought would look good with the logo. Again, observe:

Well pleased with my design and finding the price tolerable at around $26.00 – I went to order my spiffy new t-shirt only to find that it comes in small (6) medium (8) large (10) and extra large (12) and… that’s it.

Disgruntled, I went back to the drawing board and searched for “plus sized” t-shirts I could design myself. I found one, plainer, not as nice – but still reasonably spiffy. Observe:

Satisfied, I went to order my correctly sized shirt.

Now keep in mind I am used to fat fees, I know they are part of what makes the fashion industry go ‘round. I’m used to them averaging between two and seven dollars.

The plainer, less nice, sized 22 t-shirt I tried to order from Café Press came in at $40.00.

That, ladies and gentlemen, gives Café Press my JERKWADS award for the biggest fat fee I’ve ever encountered! A $14.00 or roughly 40% fat surcharge! You go Café Press! Way to keep sizeism alive and well!

*throws confetti*

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