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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I watched a new show on ABC Family last week; it’s a program about kids at a fat camp called “Huge”.

When I saw the preview I was intrigued and excited; my brain went: look at how many non-skinny kids they’re putting on prime time network TV, that’s got to be some kind of record! I admit, aside from the offensive title of the show, I was looking forward to the premiere.

So I tuned in at watched it; and was rewarded with a show that was interesting, funny, and poignant in a very Glee-like way (without the singing).

The program stars Nikki Blonsky, an engaging, sweet and adorable young actress who first became popular a few years back by starring in the new film version of “Hairspray.”

One thing to note; despite her cuteness and enthusiastic talents in acting, singing and dance, Nikki has to the best of my knowledge never been hired for an acting job that did not in some way revolve around her weight.

Please don’t get me wrong here, the fact that they put these kids on TV at all is a huge (cough) step in the right direction from my perspective.

But I still long for the day when Hollywood might be capable of casting talented and attractive young stars such as these simply because they’re talented young stars, not because they’re bravely soldiering on in the acting industry despite their weight.

Lets face it; there’s only so much market for after school specials about fat prom queens, fat camp only lasts for the summer, and there’s really only one Hairspray. After that, these actors are put right back out to pasture until another “heartwarming fat role” becomes available.

You get a few points, Hollywierd – but still no Kewpie doll.

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