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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tedmas 2010

It’s the morning of the annual celebration of my husband’s birth – we call it Tedmas or, as my sister refers to it; “the social event of the summer”.

Right now he has accompanied me downstairs as I went off to begin the work of getting the house and food ready, but as I’m checking my email he has dozed off again on the sofa and he’s really, really cute when he’s sleeping.

This year he turns fifty-one. At my own thirty-five years of age, I try not to question God, but I admit when we first married I was struck with the occasional impulse to look up at the sky and wonder; “couldn’t you have put us just a decade closer in age?”

But it’s like I told my mother recently; I consider myself abundantly fortunate and blessed to have found him at all in this life. And it’s like he’s told me over and over, he wasn’t ready for me until now – he needed a little more time to get ripe.

Each day I go to sleep and wake up beside my best friend, the man I love, the man I respect, adore and admire. Each year I grow more proud of the person he was, is and is continuing to become. Every day I live secure in the warmth of his love and protection, I glow from the praise he gives me, I wonder at the ways we grow and change and learn together, I am filled with gratitude at the numerous ways we continue to become more one than two.

Every day he goes out of his way and above and beyond to cherish me, love me, work for me and our family, and fill me with joy and laughter. He is always conscious of being a good friend, an amazing love, and a husband who serves God and his family. Today on his birthday celebration, he very much deserves a pleasant mid-morning nap.

Today on Tedmas, I thank God so much for bringing this man into my life and my heart. And I pray for an abundance of years to continue to grow and love together.

Happy Birthday my love, my friend, my soulmate – Ted…

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