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Thursday, July 29, 2010


I adore fresh salsa and will put it on just about anything; sandwiches, eggs, tortilla chips, vegetables both cooked and raw…

Recently I baked up a spaghetti squash and dumped a bunch of home made salsa on top of the piping hot squash – it was excellent. Salsa, especially fresh made, is a really great flavorful topping to just about any baked summer vegetable. Oh, and it’s awesome on baked fish too!

In the wintertime I have difficulty finding a jarred salsa that I like; the Tostitos brand is passable, as is the “Jacob and Amos” brand I get at the Amish farmers market near work. But too often I reach for a new and intriguing looking jar of the stuff from among the multitudes on the grocery store rack only to be disappointed with the flavors.

Does anyone know of a reliably good brand of salsa out there that can get me through the winter months?

On the upside, now is summer and my tomatoes and jalapenos have arrived – so it’s fresh salsa for me! Below is my favorite recipe for making it at home from my own garden grown ingredients.

Carolyn’s Fresh Salsa:

Four or five red ripe tomatoes (I grew ‘Early Girls’ this year, and they’re very sweet)
A ripe jalapeno pepper
Half of a sweet Vidalia onion
Two or three cloves of fresh garlic
Two ears of leftover boiled or roasted corn on the cob (optional)
A big handful of fresh cilantro
Juice of half a lime
A tablespoon of olive oil (optional – cut this out if you want your salsa fat free)
Salt and pepper to taste

Dice up your tomatoes and get them in a bowl, make sure you save all the juice!
Place the jalapeno, garlic and Vidalia onion into your food processor and puree – I do this because I love their flavors but don’t want to bite into a huge piece of them. Add to the tomato bowl.
Cut the cold corn off the cob with a big knife if you are using it and add.
Chop the fresh cilantro and throw it in.
Add olive oil, squeeze the lime over the mix and put in as much salt and pepper as you like the taste of. Then mix.


A note about tomatoes; if possible don’t ever put them in the fridge – it causes them to loose flavor and become mushy.

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  1. Here's a brand I like: yours. Let's get that salsa canned in the summer to have all winter!