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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Instant Gratification

I think the problem for many might be the desire for instant gratification.

To explain – today I feel very motivated and I’ve done well. Water is drunk, nutrition attended to, amounts carefully measured.

Today was an excellent eating day; a day where I gave my body what it needs and avoided what it does not. A day when my volume of fuel was correct. A day when I did not binge.

And no matter how wonderful I do today, I won’t see any benefit tomorrow. Or the day after that. Or the day after that.

Shifts in weight are measured in months, not days or even weeks. To be honest – you can have a wonderful week and though the scale will change, you will not really look any different.

The fact that we see ourselves every day and thus, can’t see changes when they do really occur doesn’t really help matters much.

People with short attention spans and a desire for instant gratification are thus continually frustrated by weight loss efforts. As for myself I can hold on for a couple of months, but just when I hit that thirty pound mark, when things really get going, I loose it. And I think the lack of daily progress might be part of the reason why.

I had a dream where I saw my friend at her goal weight. She’s beautiful now, and she’ll be beautiful then too, but in the dream she also possessed a self confidence and power. She glowed with a sense of pride for her accomplishment. I saw my friend the way I want to be at the road’s end…

Why can’t I see myself..?

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