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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Status Report: 2.6 lbs. lost, 18 lbs. total

My first week (technically just six days) on my new program have drawn to a close.  I got weighed in last Wednesday night and was down 2.6 lbs. from the previous week which puts me at 18 lbs. total lost from my personal all-time high.  Average weight loss for week one on this program is usually around 6 to 10 lbs.

If a woman’s body can be equated to an ocean then one might say I got weighed in just as the tide was as high as it could go.  As I was driving home from the meeting, the tide turned and began to let out.  This means that I got weighed in at the worst possible time in an entire given month that I could have.  This is also why I watched with horror in the days prior to weigh in as the tide came in and my weight rose and rose from its initial six pound drop right back up to my starting weight.

Here’s the good news: on every other weight loss program I’ve ever done, the best I could possibly hope for during this week in my cycle was to break even and not gain weight.  That means on this one, I’m actually capable of a modest loss.

Trying to focus on the positives.  I’m feeling a little bit better mentally every day, and next week’s loss will be better.

On a side note: Ted has stolen and hid the bathroom scale.  This is probably a good thing.


  1. Replies
    1. I actually feel better with it gone, I was making myself nuts getting on it two or three times a day!

  2. Go Carolyn, for managing to find the positive in the most difficult situations, and Go Ted, for knowing exactly what Carolyn does NOT need! Mwah! Next week will be amazing. <3