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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Status Report: 3.5 lbs. lost, 22 lbs. total

This was my second full week on the program and about three and a half pounds came off in the last eight days.  I followed my program to the letter, consumed no more than 965 calories per day, and worked out for a half hour minimum each day.

I have resolved myself to the fact that the big, impressive jump start weight loss isn’t going to happen for me.

My total loss so far on the new program is six pounds (giving me a healthy three per week average) and I’m down twenty-two from my personal all-time high.

People keep telling me I look different, although I have difficulty seeing how that’s possible since six pounds is basically nothing on a body my size.  However, as Ted told me tonight, I need to just smile and say, “thank you” when this happens even though I believe people are seeing what they want to see.

One nice thing – if you look at my weight loss ticker at the lower right you can see that I now have less than one hundred pounds to lose before I meet my goal.  It’s still a very long road ahead, and it’s obvious that I’m going to have to fight, claw and sweat for each and every ounce that comes off, but I’ll get there.


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