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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Status Report: 4.1 lbs. lost, 28.8 lbs. total

There are some people who are very in touch with their own bodies.  They know what’s going on with themselves, they can accurately gauge when something is wrong, when things are good, what they need and what they can do without.  When it comes to their health and how they’re feeling – they know themselves well.

I am not one of those people.

I can’t trust a single thing I feel because I have anxiety problems which generate a veritable merry-go-round of histrionics, false symptoms and side effects.  This is particularly problematic right now.

They took blood at the clinic last week to make sure I’m remaining healthy on the calorie restricted diet, and this week I was told that my liver levels were “high” and that I had to be tested again.  This resulted immediately after with my blood pressure testing “high” because I had become instantly convinced that grim death was imminent.

They suspect that the high level has something to do with my birth control pills, but since my levels were apparently normal a month ago before I began the program I don’t quite know what to think.  The person who has presented the best explanation is my sister, the Vet Technician.  Years ago she owned a very fat cat she had rescued from life as a lab animal stuck in a small cage 24/7.  After moving in with her, Caspar (the aforementioned fat cat), was able to move around and play and eat a much healthier diet.  As a result he began to lose weight.  As he lost weight and his body had to metabolize its own body fat – his liver levels went high.  Basically he had a fatty liver as a result of consuming… well… himself.

It makes a lot of sense.  As usual, I’d be nowhere good without the aid of a pretty amazing family.

So… yeah.  Unfortunately at the time I couldn’t really enjoy the fact that I lost four pounds this week.  But I did, I’m four pounds closer to my goal.  13.4 pounds total after one full month on the new program, and 28.8 lbs. lost from my personal all-time high.

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