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Friday, February 25, 2011

Detox - Day 1

I feel fine.

Although honestly it's only been about fourteen hours since I last had sugar so I wasn't really expecting to freak out just yet.

This is harder than you may think. I mostly can't have bread, it's almost all made with sugar. That means snacks like crackers are also out. For example tomorrow night I'm going to my in-laws for dinner and they'll probably serve something like pizza, which I can't have because both pizza dough and pizza sauce contain sugar.

I'm letting myself have meat though because two days with zero bread and zero meat seemed too difficult to navigate nutritionally speaking, so I had a small piece of roast and a large serving of steamed vegetables for lunch. Hopefully the meat won't make me sick again. For dinner I'm going to make up a big serving of sauteed vegetables and crack two eggs over top - I call it a veggie scramble.

Mostly I'm just longing for a piece of fruit right now. Under normal circumstances I eat two to three servings of fruit per day, and I really miss it. I can have fruit come Sunday though, so knowing the end is in sight makes it a bit easier.

I'm also drinking a lot of water. It's the best way I know of to clear something out of your system.

I probably should have weighed myself before beginning detox but I weigh myself so infrequently I unfortunately just didn't think of it.


  1. Don't most veggies contain sugar too? I'd think eliminating *all* sugar out of your diet would be next to impossible.

  2. Well, yes - as I was pondering a steamed carrot earlier I did remember that they contain a small amount of sugar. I guess it's closer to say I'm detoxing off of as much of it as is humanly possible for me over the next two days and then adding back in natural sugars only. No more HFCS. I'm hoping this will have an effect on my binge eating behaviors, we'll see!

  3. Yes, anything biological more complex than a simple virus will contain sugar.

    Actually, scratch the virus - it contains DNA/RNA, which contains sugar.

    You could safely contract mad cow disease without eating a sugar, assuming that prions aren't glycosylated (which seems iffy to me).

    Oh, and HFCS is completely natural, even if it is probably unhealthy. It just is sugar from one particular source, with some processing.

    Don't get me wrong - nothing wrong with controlling carbs but don't be under any illusions that you can eat anything more nutritious than rocks and avoid eating sugar.

  4. Sugar like all substances is toxic if you eat a tonne of it but it is indeed a necessary and unavoidable part of all food and is needed even in the process of digestion. The problem is we are born with a 10,000.BC metabolism in a world with industrial production of what was once a rarity in the average field of a hunter gatherer - refined pure substances like salt and sugar(unless you live next to the ocean or salt flats.) yes you do get the same sugars no matter what you eat except for a few you don't digest http://www.carbs-information.com/digestion-of-carbs.htm except for really complex sugars like cellulose and galactose (which bacteria convert to methane and CO2 "you aren't going to digest that are you?")