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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Planning Ahead

I can buy a bunch of celery and carrots and other fresh, snackable vegetables every week and it does me very little good if they just sit un-prepared in my fridge until they become mushy and evil. So I’ve been trying to do meal preparation and pre-planning on the weekends. To that end, I finally checked out the shiny new Produce Junction near my house this morning.

The place is crowded and fast paced, you go to the counter and you have to know what you want and be prepared or you start annoying the people in line behind you. But the prices are good and the fruits and vegetables are varied and fresh.

So I acquired a nice selection for the week, cleaned, cut and prepped everything ready to go in snack bags and made some fresh hummus with roasted red pepper as dip. Very nom.

The big peppers are in the shot just because they’re pretty.

Additionally, although it’s not the best season for grapes, but I’ve been buying them anyway because I discovered that even sub-standard ones taste amazing when you put them in the freezer for a few hours. My taste buds honestly can’t tell the difference between them and grape flavored sorbet. Great dessert option.

Lastly, I’ve been known to say that avocadoes are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. The cute little yellow fruit pictured below is further evidence to this belief.

They’re called “Champagne Mangoes” and they’re related to their better known green and rosy pink cousins, albeit slightly smaller and more succulent. And the taste? The taste is like the first kiss of warm, spring sunlight on your skin after suffering through a dark, cold winter. If you can find them, buy as many as you can. Eat them all. Do not share.

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