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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sugar Addict

This whole sugar detox thing is proving a more daunting task then I first realized it would be. Every time I begin planning for it I realize I’ve got some upcoming event that’s going to get in my way. This weekend for instance is my mother-in-law’s birthday party. Saying ‘no’ to a piece of cake isn’t a big deal, but what I am afraid of is that I’m going to be a basket case by Saturday night and being a basket case in front of my in-laws isn’t really an option I’d like to explore.

Still, I NEED to do this, I need to get it done. So for those of you who have been kind enough to inquire, I will be eating no sugar whatsoever beginning this Friday morning and lasting until Sunday morning. Into the abyss my friends, into the abyss.

Oh, and if an incoherent and slightly manic seeming blog post appears here at any time Friday or Saturday could someone please come to the house and rescue Ted and Kyle? Thanks.

Since this is a detox it includes all forms of sugar, including the natural fructose found in fruit. Don’t panic, it’s only for two days to get it out of my system and see what happens. A friend of mine suggested trying it and I’m curious as to whether or not a sugar addiction may be contributing to binge eating behaviors, so here we go.

The other goal is to purge high fructose corn syrup from my life permanently so once the detox is over I’ll be adding back in naturally occurring sugar only. As I sit here eating a handful of jelly beans it seems a daunting task. Jellybeans were previously a decent snack because a small handful is only around a hundred calories and they contain no fat, but this little bag is going to be my last little bag if I remove HFCS from my diet.

The most shocking place I discovered HFCS is in bread, so I’ve also located a friend who is willing to sell me her home made bread since I’m too lazy to make it myself, which she also makes with unbleached natural flour. It’s also delicious, so yay. Sara Lee makes an HFCS free bread, but it uses bleached flour (yet another thing I’m trying to avoid). Still, it’ll work in a pinch. What I can’t have anymore are those convenient little 100 calorie bread rounds so popular with dieters at the moment. Bummer.

In the interest of consuming actual food rather than chemicals I should probably also stop drinking diet soda. But since the very idea of that makes me want to openly weep, we’ll conquer that task later.


  1. I salute you. I truly do. As I briefly referred to in "No Answers" getting through the sugar addiction was the most difficult portion of changing my lifestyle. Every person that I have ever worked through this path with had the same issue. It was a breaking point for one, but it is a road that must occur to be successful.

    Simply by being able to write this and face it, acknowledging the direction and it's inherent diffculty is a much larger step than many are willing to take.

    If you want to talk, need to vent, or simply need more food and recipe ideas please don't hesitate. But trust me when I say, it is truly liberating and empowerign once this bridge is crossed, as it's tenticles reach into all aspects of shifting yoru food lifestyle.

  2. Good luck! I wish you the best!